Sensible tools for smart revenue generation and happy customers

Knowing your audience is growing your business

The OTT arena is a very competitive market which, with the right tools, can become very lucrative. WeCast empowers you with the tools and knowledge to capture, nurture, and maintain generations of new users. Open new streams of revenue with our flexible and advanced monetization solutions.

Understand your audience, predict its behavior, and open new revenue streams.

Use BI data and insights to improve customer satisfaction with optimized content suggestions and cash in on effective targeting for advertising. Moreover, you’ll get useful data that will help you build better and longer relationship with your customers, as well as determining the best campaigns and perfect timing.

Multiple ad providers integration

Take advantage of the knowledge produced by the Business Intelligence Module and use it to open a second revenue stream via efficient, accurate, and meaningful advertisement. Moreover, the platform allows you to launch Email Marketing campaigns or informations directly to customers or prospects.

Manage subscriptions & packages

Generate the maximum revenue from subscriptions. WeCast allows you to create unlimited linear TV and VOD packages, as well as possibility to offer multiple billing cycles. With automated recurring billing, our platform automates the downstream impacts for you. Invoicing, payment collections and proration are automatically calculated and adjusted in real-time.
Subscription Set a monthly fee that users pay to access the content you’re providing.
Advertisement Make your content available for free to a wide audience and generate revenue via meaningful advertisements.
Transactional Got movies or series to rent? Then go with TVOD, a business model that allows you charge per content.

Choose your vod flavor - SVOD, AVOD, TVOD

WeCast will adapt and provide all the tools you need to implement the business model you wish to explore. Whether you’re choosing subscription based video-on-demand (SVOD like Netflix), advertisement based video-on-demand (AVOD which is perfect for the freemium model) or transaction based video-on-demand (very popular with major IPTV operators), we have you covered.